Track Title:               There I Go

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Originally made famous by: Vaughn Monroe
Written by:                Hy Zaret
Written by:                Irving Weiser

From the Album:            It's All So New  (A)
(musical intro)
There I go, leading with my heart again
And there I go, acting not so smart again
But though it's unwise, I can't disguise my love.
Though I know too much love may curb the fire
There I go, led astray by my desire
There's no golden rule to guide a fool in love.
I tell my heart, "Be careful, or you'll find that you dream alone."
I'm wise it's true, what good does it do?
My heart has a mind of its own.
There I go, spilling all the dreams I knew
And there I go thrillingly in love with you.
Don't know if you care, darling, but there I go.
(full coda)
Transcribed by Larry Henares of the Philippines