Track Title:               Tina
Album Title:               Frank Sinatra:  The Reprise Collection, Disc 1

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Arranger:                  Nelson Riddle
Written by:                Jimmy Van Heusen  (b. Edward Chester Babcock)
Written by:                Sammy Cahn

You simply can't forget her
The moment you have met her, your heart will never ever be the same
Tina, Tina, nobody else but Tina, that's the little lady's name

And once you've gone and kissed her
Give up, you can't resist her, your thoughts will wear her picture like a frame
Tina, Tina, nobody quite like Tina, that's the little lady's name

        She'll merely smile, and in a twinkling
        You'll swear that smile contains a star
        Before that smile, you had no inkling
        How much in love you really are

Let others look for angels
I have no time for angels, I've found someone more than just divine
Tina, Tina, no sir, you can't have Tina
Tina is mine, all mine
Tina is mine, all mine

Transcribed by Ron Hontz