Track Title:               When You're Smiling
Album Title:               The Columbia Years, 1943-1952, Vol. 11

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Arranger:                  George Siravo
Written by:                Joe Goodwin
Written by:                Larry Shay

Written by:                Mark Fisher
From the Show:             Meet Danny Wilson  1931 (S)
When You're Smiling

Writer(s): Fisher / Goodwin / Shay

When you're smiling, when you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you,
When you're laughing, when you're laughing, the sun comes shining through,
But when you're crying, you bring on the rain,
So stop your sighing, be happy again,
So keep on smiling, for when you're smiling,
The whole world smiles with you.

Contributed by Larry Henares of the Philippines