Track Title:               Whose Baby Are You?

Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Piano:                     Andre Previn
Written by:                Jule Styne
Written by:                Sammy Cahn

From the Album:            Frank Sinatra In Hollywood (1940-1964)  A
From the Film:             It Happened In Brooklyn  1947 (M)
Frank:  You mind if I get a small rundown?

Andre:  Of course, sit down.

Frank plays a jazz tune, and sings:

Baby, baby, whose baby are you?

Baby, baby, whose baby are you?

Andre:  Well, that sounds like Mendelsohn's Italian symphony

Andre plays a classic tune.

Frank:  Sure the notes are the same, but it hasn't got a beat.

Andre:  A beat?

Frank:  Yeah, you know, a beat.  And thumps the piano

Andre:  Oh no no, I'm afraid it hasn't got that.  Look, why don't you take over?

Frank:  Wait a minute, I do not want to crab your act.

Andre:  Actually I am relieved.  I am supposed to be entertaining.  And I'm not succeeding.
(transcribed by Larry Henares of the Philippines,