Track Title:               Born To Be Wild
Album Title:               1968, Billboard Greatest Hits of

Prime Artist:              Steppenwolf
Written by:                M. Bonfire
== 1: ==
get your motor running
head out on the highway
lookin' for adventure
in whatever comes our way
== 2: ==
G        A              E
here and god are gonna' make it happen
G        A
take the world in a love embrace
G    A           E
fire all of your guns at once and
G A          E
explode into space
I like smoke and lightning
heavy metal thunder
racin' with the wind
and the feeling that that I'm under
== 2 ==
== 3: ==
like a true nature's child
we were born, born to be wild
we can climb so high
G               E
I never want to die
E          D    E D
born to be wild
E          D    E D
born to be wild
== Organ solo == (Em7)
== Guitar solo == (short)
== 1 ==
== 2 ==
== 3 ==
== Organ & guitar jam == (fade)