Track Title:               Miracles
Album Title:               Have A Nice Decade: disc 5

Prime Artist:              Jefferson Starship
Written by:                Marty Balin

If only you believe like I believe, baby, like I believe,
We'd get by.
If only you believe(d) in miracles, so would I.  (2x)

I might have to move heaven and earth to prove it to you, baby.

So we're making love, you feel the power and I feel the power.
And there's really nothing we can('t) do
(You know we could, you know we could)
If we wanted to...
(You know we could, you know we could)
We could exist on the stars, it was so easy.

(Oh Baby...)
All we got to do is get a little faith in you.

Woh, I've been so many places I've seen some things (yes I have)

I know that love is the answer (yes it is)

Keeps holding this world together (oh yeah)

Ain't nothing better? Ain't nothing better?(Nothing's better!)

And all the answers to our prayers,
Hell: it's the same everywhere. (just the same now)

Nothing ever breaks up the heart...(love's a game now)
...only your tears give you away (Ain't it a shame now).

When you're right where I found you...(oh baby)
...with my arms  around you. (oh baby)

Baby, baby.
Love is a magic word if you ever find inner life

But from that very first look in your eyes I see you and I have but one

Only our bodies were apart... (it's making me crazy)
...that was so easy, so easy.

I had a taste of the real world... (Just a drop of it)
...when I went down on you, girl, oh.

I can hear windmills and rainbows whenever you talkin' to me

(never say never)

I feel like swirling and dancing whenever you walk in with me

You ripple like the river when I touch you (let me touch you)
Then I pluck your body like a string (show you what I mean)
Then I start dancing inside you (oh baby, a love song)

Oh baby in a love song, aw baby...
Oh Yeah, Yeah, All right
Baby we're sure doin' it tonight

Every time you come by let me try (come on by)
Pretty please, with sugar on it, that's how I like it, ugh.

I can't even believe it with you

It's like having every dream I ever wanted...(dream of a lifetime)
...come true.

I picked up your vibes, you know... (I'm having a fine time) opened my mind but I'm still dreaming.

Yeah (sarcastic Grace mini-orgasm)
And you're right where I found you, with my arms around you!(oh baby).