Album Title:               The Man and his Music
Prime Artist:              Sam Cooke
Written by:                Sam Cooke
  Bb  C7 F          D7 Bb       F C7
intro: (If love wants to travel to your heart, love will find a way...)
       F   Dm       F7
1. I tell you no-oh-oh-oh, no mountain is too high,
Bb         F      F7
No peak to hard a climb,
Bb         F
And no-wo-oh, no place is too remote,
G7   C7
For true love to find.

    F    Dm  F7
2. I know-wo-oh-oh, no river is too wide,
Bb      F F7
No matter what people say,
 F    Bb C7  F  D7
No, if love wants to travel to your heart,
F Bb   F      F7
Love will find a way.

Bb     C7
3. Over mountains,  over valleys,
Over streams love will climb,
   Gm7 C7       F    F7
Seeking a place in your heart,
       Bb  C7     F
If there are two people love wants to combine,
       G7        C7
Nothing can keep them apart...

4. I know...    (as v2)

repeat at last verse "If love wants..."

Contributed by George Machray