Track Title:               Nail it to the Wall
Album Title:               Motown Hitsville, USA, Volume 2 disc 4

Prime Artist:              Stacy Lattisaw
Arranger:                  John (Jellybean) Benitez
Arranger:                  Fred Zarr
Producer:                  John (Jellybean) Benitez

Written by:                Stephen Broughton Lunt
Written by:                Arnie Roman

Don't even think about tomorrow
Just keep tonight on your mind
Gonna rip it up, boy
One piece at a time

My machine is on automatic
Just pull the plug if it gets too much
Out of control
This love's so strong it's dangerous

When I'm with you
I can't wait to turn it loose

Nail it to the wall
If you want an education
Come on
Nail it to the wall
It's the perfect situation, come on

There's no secrets under the cover
It's just a place where lovers lie
Gonna open up, boy
And let you look inside

Don't be afraid to do some damage
I can see you're curious
Let's take tonight
And turn it into something serious, oh

Right here with you
I can't wait to turn it loose

(Repeat chorus twice)

Nail it...
Nail it to the wall
So, if you want an education
Nail it to the wall


(Repeat chorus to end)