Album Title:               Atlantic Rhythm & Blues: Vol 6, 1965-1967
Prime Artist:              Jimmy Hughes
Producer:                  Rick Hall

Written by:                Billy Gibbons

Neighbor, neighbor, why you messin' in my life?
 Neighbor, neighbor, you've been talkin' to my wife,
 tellin' her you seen me
 runnin' wild the other night,
 runnin' wild the other night.

A neighbor, neighbor, theres's always one in every crowd.
 A neighbor, neighbor, tellin' lies and talkin' loud.
 You better watch your step now.
 You might fall off your cloud.
 you might fall off your cloud.

Now I was walking down a dusty road
 when along came a neighbor of mine.
 He saw me walkin' with my head hung down,
 he just had to stop and pass the time.
 Neighbor, neighbor, floatin' in the salty brine.
 floatin' in the salty brine.