Track Title:               Silly Wasn't I
Album Title:               Motown Hitsville, USA, Volume 2 disc 1

Prime Artist:              Valerie Simpson
Arranger:                  Paul Riser
Background Vocal:          The Detroit Family (Motown)
Producer:                  Nickolas Ashford

Producer:                  Valerie Simpson
Written by:                Jo Armstead   (Joshie Jo A.)
Written by:                Nickolas Ashford
Written by:                Valerie Simpson
I believed in you
Thought what you said was true
It didn't occcur to me
It was a lie,
Ha ha ha, sily wasn't I, oh...

I was lost in a world
And like a foolish girl
I really thought
You were my guy (unh)
Ha ha ha, silly wasn't I, oh...

I remember the time
You called me on the phone
Said you'd had a busy day
You'd hurry home
I waited, I waited
Time went by,
I tried to laugh
But all i could do was cry
Silly, silly wasn't I,

Oh wasn't I silly
To think I'd found the love
I was dreamin of
I never thought
You would say goodbye
ha ha ha, silly ..oh

wasn't I silly
to think that you loved me
oh wasn't I silly ha ha ha
fade off to end

Thanks to Vada for this one.