Track Title:               The Spoiler
Album Title:               Stax / Volt Singles, '59-'68, Vol. 7

Prime Artist:              Eddie Purrell
Written by:                Donald (Duck) Dunn
Written by:                Booker T. Jones

You know my father was a lover
He could take a girl from anyone
And he taught all the tricks of the trade
To his only son (that's me, y'all)
Now baby you know I like your looks
I'd like to put your name in my history books
But just remember, like father like son,
I'm the spoiler
I'm the spoiler, oh oh yeah

There's no work, it's all fun
Trying to make love to more women than one
You've got to be willing to make a killing
With your loving gun.
You know you've got such a sweet disposition
Ain't gonna put you in no bad position
But I got to, got to love you some
I'm the spoiler

[Instrumental bridge]

Now when you start to feeling weak
Come on and walk on my side of the street
And when you do, I know you'll like me
Cause I'm the spoiler.

Contributed by Abby B.