Track Title:               Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)
Album Title:               Motown Hitsville, USA, Volume 1 disc 2

Prime Artist:              Kim Weston
Producer:                  Lamont Dozier
Producer:                  Brian Holland
Written by:                Brian Holland

Written by:                Eddie Holland
Written by:                Lamont Dozier
I know you're leavin' me behind
I'm seein' you darlin' for the very last time
Show a little tenderness before you go
Please let me feel your embrace once more

Take me in your arms and rock me, rock me a little while
We all must feel heartache sometimes
Right now, right now I'm feelin' mine

I've tried my best to be strong, but I'm not able
I'm like a helpless child left in a cradle
Before you leave me behind let me feel happy one more time

I'm losin' you and my happiness
My life is do dark I must confess
I'll never, never see your smiling face no more
I'll never, never hear your knock upon my door
Before you leave me leave me behind
Let me feel happy one more time