Track Title:               Time Will Reveal
Album Title:               Motown Hitsville, USA, Volume 2 disc 3

Prime Artist:              DeBarge
Arranger:                  El DeBarge
Arranger:                  Benjamin F. Wright Jr.
Producer:                  El DeBarge

Producer:                  Bobby DeBarge
Written by:                Etterlene DeBarge
Written by:                Bobby DeBarge

What can I do
To make you feel secure
Remove all your doubts
So that you know for sure
That you're the apple of my eye, Girl
Fullfillment of my dreams
Time, will show the value
Of just what you mean to me
More precious than silver
More precious than diamond rings
Or anything that I could give you
It wouldn't mean a thing
If you didn't have my love beside you
There to guide you throug
But ain't it you do
I know just how you feel
But this time love's for real
In time it will reveal
The special love that's deep inside of us
Will all reaveal in time