Track Title:               Your Good Thing (Is About To End)
Album Title:               Stax / Volt Singles, '59-'68, Vol. 6

Prime Artist:              Mable John
Background Vocal:          Eddie Harrison, Jr.
Written by:                David Porter
Written by:                Isaac Hayes     (aka Ed Lee)

Written by:                Mable John
Your Good Thing...
I Hayes - Porter '67

I don't have to beg you to hold me
Cause somebody else will
You don't have to love me when I want it, no
Cause somebody else will

Your so called friends say you don't need it
When all the time they're trying to get it
Look out
Your good thing is about to come to an end
Your real good thing is about to come to an end

All those nites I watched the four walls
I did not have to watch them all alone
When other men said they wanted me  (whenever someone said)
I didn't have to tell them I was your very own  (think that I was)

You have all the love that I've got baby
Even ice melts to water and gets hot
Look out
Your good...

Gettin' myself back together
Is going to be a big problem I know
But when the right man says he wants me
You can bet I won't tell him no

Cause your real good...