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Album Title: Happy Nowhere Columbia 1995 Rating: *****
Prime Artist: Dog's Eye View
Vocal: Peter (F.) Stuart
Drums: Alan Bezozi
Guitar: Oren Bloedow
Bass: John Abbey
Producer: James (Jimbo) Barton
Producer: Peter (F.) Stuart
Written by: Peter (F.) Stuart
Review: We saw Peter Stuart open for Barenaked Ladies in 1996. At that time,

'Everything Falls Apart' was getting some airplay.

Peter is the singer / songwriter behind DEV, and he came out and did a solo

acoustic set that just rocked (I know, 'acoustic' and 'rocked' don't really belong in

the same sentence, but if you heard this guy, you'd understand).

Anyway, I bought the album shortly thereafter. Great songs, delivered with

What Others Say:
Tracks: 1 I Wish I Was Here

2 Everything Falls Apart

3 Small Wonders

4 The Prince's Favorite Son

5 Cottonmouth

6 Haywire

7 Would You Be Willing

8 Speed of Silence

9 Waterline

10 What I Know Now

11 Subject to Change

12 Bulletproof and Bleeding

13 Shine
. Tracks with a trailing * are missing lyrics in the linked files
Album Length (hrs:min): 0:58 Mag: 80.3

Lyric Link:

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