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Album Title: Funky Divas EastWest 1992 Rating: ***
Prime Artist: En Vogue
Vocal: Maxine Jones
Vocal: Cindy Herron
Vocal: Terry Ellis
Vocal: Dawn Robinson
Producer: Thomas McElroy
Producer: Denzil Foster
Written by: Denzil Foster
Written by: Thomas McElroy
What Others Say:
Tracks: 1 This Is Your Life *

2 My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)

3 Hip Hop Lover *

4 Free Your Mind

5 Desire *

6 Giving Him Something He Can Feel *

7 It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings *

8 Give It Up, Turn It Loose

9 Yesterday

10 Hooked On Your Love *

11 Love Don't Love You

12 What Is Love *

13 Thanks Prayer *
. Tracks with a trailing * are missing lyrics in the linked files
Album Length (hrs:min): 0:52 Mag: 209.4

Lyric Link:

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