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Album Title: Naked Baby Photos Caroline 1998 Rating: ****
Prime Artist: Ben Folds Five
Drums: Darren Jessee
Bass: Robert Sledge
Piano: Ben Folds
Written by: Ben Folds
Review: On the success of the 'Whatever' album, BFF released this album of rarities.

After hearing the spontaneous 'Fanny Pack', I'd really like to catch these guys in

What Others Say:
Tracks: 1 Eddie Walker

2 Jackson Cannery

3 Emaline

4 Alice Childress

5 Dick Holster

6 Tom & Mary

7 For Those Ya'll Who Wear Fannie Packs

8 Bad Idea

9 Underground

10 The Ultimate Sacrifice

11 Satan Is My Master

12 Julianne

13 Song For The Dumped

14 Philosophy

15 Twin Falls

16 Boxing
. Tracks with a trailing * are missing lyrics in the linked files
Album Length (hrs:min): 0:55 Mag: 139.4

Lyric Link:

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