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Album Title: Forever Your Girl Virgin 1988 Rating: ***
Prime Artist: Paula Abdul
Executive Producer: Gemma Corfield
Review: This album has very few surprises, as most of the tracks have had some airplay /


I had owned the 'shut up and dance' version of this album, and while it has some

variety, I didn't care for it.
What Others Say:
Tracks: 1 The Way That You Love Me

2 Knocked Out

3 Opposites Attract

4 State Of Attraction

5 I Need You

6 Forever Your Girl

7 Straight Up

8 Next To You

9 Cold Hearted

10 One Or The Other
. Tracks with a trailing * are missing lyrics in the linked files
Album Length (hrs:min): 0:44 Mag: 84.4

Lyric Link:

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