Track Title:               Told You So

Album Title:               Stunt
Prime Artist:              Barenaked Ladies

I never jumped in and rescued you, but I wanted to.
I never told you which way to go
Cause I thought you'd know.

You had a problem with your new-found wealth
You brought it on yourself.
I never told you I told you so,
But I told you so.
Have to let it go
Time to let it go

Now I can't believe
It took so long to leave
Half one day I'll breathe
Or I never will

I never told you I agreed with you
I don't think I do.
I wasn't sure quite what the whole thing meant
But I'm glad you went.

I never thought that it could be painless
But it is, I guess
I had myself fooled into needing you
Did I fool you too?

Have to let it go
It's time to let it go


Viral infection that can incubate for years
Caused by affection, fallen deep into arrears

No medication to procure
Makes me pure
There's no cure
I am sure

I never mentioned how I prayed for you
Now I pay for you
I never said that I would wait for you
It's too late for you
It's time to let it go


Or I never will
(Oh, why?)