Track Title:               Riverboat Shuffle

Album Title:               60 Great Jazz Classics (disc 2)
Prime Artist:              Red Nichols
Written by:                Irving Mills
Written by:                Dick Voynow

Written by:                Hoagy Carmichael     (Hoagland Howard C.)
Written by:                Mitchell Parish

RIVERBOAT SHUFFLE.   Words & Music by Hoagy Carmichael, Irving Mills & Dick Voynow. Extra Lyrics by
Mitchell Parrish 1938

Copywright 1925.

VERSE; "All you cotton toters, Mississippi floaters, gather all about ! gather all about !

Got some things to tell ya, not a thing to sell ya, listen and you'll all find out,

What I'm about to say will take your breath away, So, come a little closer,

Just a little closer, got a lotta news to shout !-Say !
CHORUS: "Good people you're invited to-night, to the Riverboat Shuffle !

Good people  we got rhythm to-night at the Riverboat Shuffle !

They tell me that slide-pipe tooter is grand, Best in Loo-si-an-na;

So bring your freighter come and al-liga-tor that band. Mister Hawkins on the tenor !

Good people you'll hear Mil-en-berg Joys in a special orch-es-tra-tion !

Even Mama Dinah will be there to strut for the boys in a room full of noise,

She'll teach you to shuffle it right, so bring your baby,

I'll be seeing you at the Riverboat Shuffle tonight!