Track Title:               Don't You
Album Title:               Candlebox
Prime Artist:              Candlebox

Lyrics by:                 Kevin Martin
Music by:                  Candlebox
Producer:                  Kelly Gray
Producer:                  Candlebox

I could tear your walls down as I chip at who you are now
Don1t you
You ever let me know how
And I could break your heart down as I tell you that you1ve burned out
Don1t you
You want to let it go
Oh, I might scream and shout now as I feel you pressing down on
Don1t you
You walk upon my heels now
You walk on
And I should call your soul out but I feel I1ve gained control now
Don1t you
You tell me what to do as you
You twist and turn your thoughts around
Oh, this road it1s getting long
Stones, don1t you
They1re getting harder and you1re slipping slowly further
You1re slipping slowly further
You1re slipping further than you1ve been before
But I don1t need to know how
And I don1t need to blow out your candle
It1s only burning at both ends
But your moods they wash away
No need to dose your eyes today
You just take your
Your deeper breath you1re going
Your deeper breath you1re going
Under this time
It1s under this time
You, you1ve got to go now
Won1t you, you1ve got to go not
And don1t you, you know it
Don1t you, you know it
You1ve got to go now
Don1t you, you1ve gotta go now