Track Title:               Me Wise Magic
Album Title:               Van Halen Best of Volume 1
Prime Artist:              Van Halen

Engineer:                  Erwin Musper
Vocal:                     David Lee Roth
Producer:                  Glen Ballard
Producer:                  Van Halen

Written by:                Van Halen
I know what you're feelin'˙
what you're feeling is easy to see.˙
I know what you're dreamin'˙
I have those same dreams.˙
Woa.. Reachin' for the beat again.˙
Lookin' for a sign.˙
It was right here all the time, time, time, time...˙
I am you and you are me.˙
Do You believe?˙
Don't you trust me? Me Wise Magic˙
Ow! Baby it's all right.˙
If you could see˙
Through my eyes, Me Wise Magic˙
I feel you breathin'˙
Don't you trust me...(trust me)˙
I feel you agreein'˙
I know what you need˙
(whoa) Don't you lie˙
Just you listen thru me˙
My words at best to you˙
A fortune coo coo cookie˙
(Who are you and where are we?)˙
Do You believe?˙
Don't you trust me? Me Wise Magic˙
Yeah yeah! Woahohoh!˙
If you could see˙
See through my eyes, Me Wise Magic˙
A little zen headed your way˙
You'll get it˙
halfway down the interstate˙
Four days from now˙
It all goes clear˙
A Buddhist riff for your inner ear˙