Track Title:               Warp Asylum
Album Title:               La Sexorcisto:   Devil Music Vol.1
Prime Artist:              White Zombie

Lyrics by:                 Rob Zombie (Cummings)
Music by:                  White Zombie
Producer:                  Andy Wallace

Been down yeah! Well I look down and my mind blows away
Deep in the darkness "illuminate" beyond a million miles
Something slid up to my head circling around my eye
Eyes and I said, "Smooth operator", Sez:
Get up, Get up
And outta here, smooth operator sez: Yeah! Lights
Band the traffic thunder two blocks west of the rest
Tore away the bottom and saw life is a test
Beyond a 1,000,000 miles
Well I ricocheted through my head
One hand kills and the other's cra-a-crazy
What she said
Smooth operator sez: Get up! Get up! And outta here
Smooth operator sez: Yeah!!! Sail into night
Ghost ship a tripping
Struck by the plunge something to see
Bootleg the girl
She is a looka
Pure is the fear that breaks away
Straight to the sun I am a walk'n state of the art
All that I see [yeah] new Gods move wipp'n the shore and dash on the
Surf city... I walk alone and stare, man, right in the sun
Tear-jerk asylum and cemetery run
Well, how'd I ever get this far man
Smooth curves switchback the sweat
Underneath the body, baby
Where what you see is what you see and what you get.