Track Title:               Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy)
Album Title:               Photographs & Memories
Prime Artist:              Jim Croce
Producer:                  Tommy West

Producer:                  Terry Cashman
Written by:                Jim Croce


     Oh Rapid Roy that stock car boy
     He too much too believe
     You know he always got an extra pack of cigarettes
     Rolled up in his T-shirt sleeve
     He got a tattoo on his arm that say "Baby"
     He got another on that just say "Hey"
     But every Sunday afternoon he is a dirt track demon
     In a '57 Chevrolet

     Oh Rapid Roy that stock car boy
     He's the best driver in the land
     He say that he learned to race a stock car
     By runnin' 'shine outa Alabam'
     Oh the Demolition Derby
     And the Figure Eight
     Is easy money in the bank
     Compared to runnin' from the man
     In Oklahoma City
     With a 500 gallon tank

     (Repeat Chorus)

     Yea Roy so cool
     That racin' fool he don't know what fear's about
     He do a hundred thirty mile an hour
     Smilin' at the camera
     With a toothpick in his mouth
     He got a girl back home
     Name of Dixie Dawn
     But he got honeys all along the way
     And you oughta hear 'em screamin'
     For that dirt track demon
     In a '57 Chevrolet

     (Repeat Chorus)