Track Title:               One Foot Out The Door

Album Title:               Fair Warning
Prime Artist:              Van Halen
Producer:                  Ted Templeman
Written by:                Alex Van Halen

Written by:                Edward Van Halen
Written by:                Michael Anthony
Written by:                David Lee Roth

I grabbed that telephone˙
I thought we were alone˙
Telling me there's company˙
Your husband's comin' home˙
I've been thinking about this Saturday night with you˙
I've been thinking about it all week long˙
And now I'm gonna lose it 'cause that˙
Son-of-a-bitch got me singin' that same old song˙
Got one foot out the door˙
Tryin' to hit the road˙
Ain't no match for your mean old man˙
I think it's time to roll˙
Got one foot out the door˙
Got one foot out the door˙
Think I'm gonna fight him?˙
Don't you let him put down˙
Put that to the floor˙
Put the pedal to the metal˙
And you beat it out of town˙
No comin' back, back for more˙