Track Title:               Taking A Chance On Love

Album Title:               The Early Years - Part 2, disc 2
Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald
Lyrics by:                 Ted Fetter
Lyrics by:                 John LaTouche

Music by:                  Vernon Duke     (b. Vladimir Dukelsky)
Originally made famous by: Ethel Waters
Orchestra:                 Ella Fitzgerald and Her Famous Orchestra
From the Show:             Cabin In The Sky    1940 (S)  1943 (M)
"TAKING  A  CHANCE ON LOVE"  Words: John Latouche & Ted Fetter.  Music by Vernon Duke. Copyright 1940
 Key C.
VERSE: " I thought love's game was over lady luck had gone away

I laid my cards on the table unable to play

Then I heard good fortune say -"They're dealing you a new hand today !"    Oh
CHORUS: "Here I go again I hear those trumpets blow again  all aglow again

Taking a chance on love

Here I slide again  about to take a ride again starry eyed again

Taking a chance on love.
I thought that cards were a frame-up I never would try

But now I'm taking the game up and the ace of hearts is high
Things are mending now  I see a rainbow blending now

We'll have a happy ending now -Taking a chance on love"
SECOND VERSE:  "Love's always been a gamble and although my chance is small,

The risk once more I am taking and staking my all

And I feel that fate today is watching me to see what I play---Oh
SECOND CHORUS " Here I come again I'm gonna make things hum again

Acting dumb again Taking a chance on love

Here I stand again about to beat the band again feeling grand again

Taking a chance on love.
I never dreamed in my slumbers and bets were taboo

But now I'm playing the numbers on a little dream for two
Wading in again I'm leading with my chin again I'm startin' out to win again

Taking a chance on love
THIRD CHORUS: " Here I slip again about to take that tip again

Got my grip again  Taking a chance on love

Now I prove again that I can make life move againin the groove again

Taking a chance on love
I walk around with a horse-shoe - in clover I lie-

And brother rabbit of course you  better kiss your foot goodbye
On the ball again I'm riding for a fall again, I'm gonna give my all again -

Taking a chance on love"