Track Title:               Hey Love
Album Title:               Stevie Wonder Song Review Disc 1

Prime Artist:              Stevie Wonder    (Steveland Morris)
Written by:                Clarence Paul
Written by:                Morris Broadnax
Written by:                Stevie Wonder    (Steveland Morris)

From the Album:            Down to Earth  (A)
Hey love
     May I have a word with you?
     I'd like to tell you, yeah
     Just what I've been going through
     My nights are so long
     As I watch each hour go by
     Hoping and praying
     That someday I will be your guy

     Hey love
     You're my one true soul desire
     Hey love, baby
     Can you feel this burning fire

     Hey love
     There's one thing I find so true
     When you are near me
     I go through a change or two
     Hearing your footsteps
     I hurry to catch your eye
     And I stand there waiting, yeah
     But girl, you just walk on by

     Say love
     With a cold heart you are dealing
     Hey love, yeah
     It's an awful hurting feeling

     Hey love
     Don't pass me without some sign
     Just look me over, yeah
     I want to change your mind