Track Title:               The Good Life
Album Title:               I Wanna Be Around

Prime Artist:              Tony Bennett
Arranger:                  Marty Manning
Producer:                  Ernie Altschuler
Written by:                J. Broussolle

Written by:                Jack Reardon
Written by:                Sacha Distel
From:                      The Seven Capital Sins

 Oh, the good life
               Bbmaj7        Bb      Am9    D7-5  D7
        Full of fun seems to be the ideal
                  Gm       Gm+5
        Mmm, the good life
                 Gm6          Gm+5        D6/9   A7-5  A7
        Lets you hide all the sadness you feel
                  Eb             Ab7
        You won't really fall in love
        For you can't take the chance
        Am7    D7       Gm    Gm/maj7          Gm7   Gm6
           So please be honest        with yourself
                      Cm7         Cm7/F  F7-9
        Don't try to fake romance

Verse 2:

        It's the good life
        To be free and explore the unknown
        Like the heartaches
        When you learn you must face them alone
        Please remember I still want you
               Bbmaj7          G7-9
        And in case you wonder why
        Well, just wake up
        Kiss the good life
        F7-9    Bb
        Good... bye

String tag:

        (Bb)   Bb+  Cm7/F  F7-9  Bb6