Track Title:               It Was Me
Album Title:               I Wanna Be Around

Prime Artist:              Tony Bennett
Arranger:                  Marty Manning
Producer:                  Ernie Altschuler
Written by:                Gilbert Becaud

Written by:                Norman Gimbel
Whos the one you would find on the beach every day

Lying there on the shore while his friends swim away

Lying there in the sand only inches from you

Watching you every day til the summer was through

It was me

Who would help gather shells for the bracelet you made

Who would find you the cups for the pink lemonade

Who was always beside you whenever youd swim

When you sat by the sea as the daylight grew dim

It was me

It was me

Now that summer is gone

And the warm skies are cold

And the soft winds are crisp

With their wintery chill

Do you ever think back on the night when we kissed

Can you ever forget

I know I never will

Whos the one next to you in the group photograph

Whos the one with the face too unhappy to laugh

Standing there looking down so uncertain and shy

Like a boy whos in love, so in love he could cry

It was me

It was me

Me finding out

It was you

Transcribed by Rory J. Aylward