Track Title:               Tangerine
Album Title:               Here's To The Ladies

Prime Artist:              Tony Bennett
Originally made famous by: Helen O'Connell
Producer:                  David Kahne
Written by:                Victor Schertzinger

Written by:                Johnny Mercer
South American stories tell of a girl who is quite a dream
The beauty of her race.
Though you'll doubt all the stories and think the tails are just a bit
Wait till you see her face
Ooh, Tangerine, she is all they claim
With her eyes of night, and lips as bright as flame
Tangerine, when she dances by,
Senoritas stare and cabolleros sigh
And I've seen toasts to Tangerine
Raised in every bar, across the Argentine
Yes, she's got them all on the run
But her heart belongs to just one
Her heart belongs to Tangerine