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I have access to a Nikon 16mm AFD Full-Frame Fisheye lens. It being roughly the size of a 50mm prime lens, I make room for it in my bag, and pull it out from time to time to see what it can do. In my corresponding with other photographers on the internet, there seems to be a great interest in this lens, and the kinds of images it makes. I thought I'd put this page together to share. All the images on this page were photographed with a Nikon N90s and the Nikon 16mm f/2.8 AFD lens unless otherwise noted.

A caveat: I've yet to make an image with this lens that I'd want in a portfolio. The images selected for inclusion here are to illustrate the angle of view of the lens, and how the distortion looks and can be managed.

This guy grows all his own chili peppers, and uses them in our annual chili cook-off. Foreground light is from an SB-26 flash handheld on an SC-17 cord. The flash is set for 18mm coverage, held high overhead and angled down to light the chilis. If memory serves, the nearest plate of chilis was 12-18 inches away from the front of the lens.

This shot is taken from standing atop one of the tables. Appears to be Bounce Flash, but mostly ambient. Yours truly in the blue tie at mid-right. Obviously a friend took the picture.

About the same relative position as the previous photo, this was taken with a 20mm lens so you can compare the angle of view.

Here's an example of hiding the distortion inherent in a fisheye lens. The only straight line in this photo is the horizon, and since it's placed through the center of the frame, it doesn't bend.

Another distortion hider. If you look closely, you can see the railing (and its shadow) bend slightly. You can also spot the distortion in the white stucco doorframe at the extreme right edge of the frame.

A documentation photo of a bathroom demolition / remodel in progress. That's a 48" opening shower stall. It's photographed from about 3 feet away. Lit with an SB-26 set to 18mm (on camera).

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