Sharon's Blender Bearnaise

This is based on a couple different 'Joy of Cooking' recipes, but Sharon has given it a few tweaks. In a small saute or sauce pan combine:

Saute over medium heat until reduced by half. Transfer to a blender, and blend at medium high speed. Next, you'll need:

Melt the butter in a glass measuring cup in a microwave. You want the butter good and hot, as the retained heat is what will cook the egg yolks. With the blender running, alternate adding hot butter and egg yolks to the tarragon / wine mixture until you've added it all.

If the finished sauce is a bit runny, you can thicken it by microwaving 15 seconds then stirring (repeat up to three times as needed). Caution, if you just microwave it for a full minute, the sauce will get thick and lumpy.

Serve over red meat, noodles, some vegetables, or what have you.

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