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Album Title: Greatest Hits Warner Brothers 1988 Rating: ***
Prime Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Vocal: Christine McVie
Vocal: Stevie Nicks
Vocal: Mick Fleetwood
Vocal: Lindsey Buckingham
Producer: Fleetwood Mac
Producer: Greg Ladanyi
What Others Say:
Tracks: 1 Rhiannon

2 Don't Stop

3 Go Your Own Way

4 Hold Me

5 Everywhere

6 Gypsy

7 You Make Loving Fun

8 As Long As You Follow

9 Dreams

10 Say You Love Me

11 Tusk

12 Little Lies

13 Sara

14 Big Love

15 Over My Head

16 No Questions Asked
. Tracks with a trailing * are missing lyrics in the linked files
Album Length (hrs:min): 1:03 Mag: 52.6

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